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Easter Egger Pullets (38 Weeks Old)

Easter Egger Pullets

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Location: Columbia, MO

  • Birth Date: 03 / 13 / 23
  • Current Age: 38 Weeks Old
  • Beginning to Lay Estimate: 08 / 15 / 23
  • No Brooder Required
  • Shipping or Local Pickup (Columbia, MO) Available

Fed 20% chick starter and supplemented with black soldier fly larvae. Easter Eggers are known for their colorful eggs, ranging in shades of blue, green, and sometimes pink. 

Free Delivery in the Columbia, MO area

250 Eggs Per Year

Colorful Eggs

Img Source: File:Gem (Easter Egger hen).jpg - Wikimedia Commons
File:Gem (Easter Egger hen).jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Homemade Eggs | Colorful chicken eggs from a friend's small … | Flickr

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